Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Susie Homemaker

I like to consider myself an active member of Generation Y, in that I currently work about an average of ten hours a week and am coming up on the realization that I will probably have to file for unemployment if I can't find a job in another month.

I had the great fortune to be laid off from not one, but two! jobs in January. It has left something of a dent in my psyche and an even greater impression on my wallet. These are not new concepts. On the whole people that fall within Generation Fail are underemployed to unemployed. You work crap jobs you know you're overqualified for and you smile and bow and scrape to hold on to those. Its a symptom of the condition the Baby Boomers have left us in. I make no apologies for blaming them for our current economic tail spin. They over stretched themselves and now they can't afford to retire so there is no longer a graying of the profession to look forward to.

I made the double good choice of setting my heart toward nonprofit work. Because money train baby, money train. I want to be making barely minimum wage for the rest of my life, because it lines my heart with righteousness or something.

Seeing as I have just a shit ton of time on my hands these days I have to find things to do, other than make money. Most of this downtime is spent applying to jobs in the hopes that, yes, soon I will have that as an option. But otherwise, I would say my time is spent in a combination of wallowing, watching strange reality programming on netflix, playing video games, and occasionally pretending I am Betty Crocker.

This latter option was a strong part of today's accomplishments. I got to use the crock-pot my parents bought me for Christmas, for the first time. A hallmark in any young woman from the 1960's book. And I made so many, many cupcakes. I'm fortunate in that I have people I can foist my efforts on to. Roommates and my gentleman caller, primarily. Otherwise, who the hell needs 24 cupcakes on Wednesday?

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